Les Twins, Wedding Dance, Ellen Kim, The Quick Style, Hip Hop Dance, Cat Daddy- Vote now!

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Weekly Top Dance Videos on YouTube! Featured Videos from: TheQuickStyle ellenkimCHEEE- Ellen Kim slux813- Brooklyn Lavin djotwist Spartanll8 YakFilm- Les Twins Featured Music: Chaptabois – “2 Strong” itunes.apple.com

Posted by Sam Daniels

25 Responses to “Les Twins, Wedding Dance, Ellen Kim, The Quick Style, Hip Hop Dance, Cat Daddy- Vote now!”

  1. j2rik0 says:

    T`s up Les Twins it`s even in their name Les T`wins

  2. camaroblackmatte says:

    fuck off youtube ! 

  3. 000ALYA says:

    Les twins !!

  4. theonlyherpescure says:

    WOW…I really enjoied that video….really sheaded a light on something for me. I can really see how money can drain you of all conciousness. I mean, you know they are nailing these girls, and most of them have herpes! THAT’S NO LIE…I mean that is lieing to our faces, don’t let these babies want to be like you and you have not dealt with your disease. Man that **** is contagious! Get some help…

    theundergroundcure (dot) com


  5. SprinkerkSODMG says:

    Les twins !!!

  6. wundeep11 says:

    Sicc my dicc bitches. Coo video just wouldn’t let me vote on my phone. First one to dislike dats wassup

  7. lulzimi says:

    Quick creeeew babeey

  8. lio1997 says:

    I came here for only 2 reasons. LES TWINS AND THEQUICKSTYLE!!!

  9. mjones19100 says:


  10. Xxxdancaluv13xxx says:

    Les twins ove coarse nd would always be

  11. j3fy10 says:


  12. WhereLaughterBegins says:

    I only came here because I saw les twins

  13. JL0vely says:

    the host reminds me of raven symone

  14. dfg93353 says:

    Les twins murdered that ****!!!

  15. ReaTheSquare says:

    Ellen Kim :)

  16. 2dGamer101 says:

    Quickstyle all day, every day.

  17. o3zero3 says:

    LES TWINS!!!!!!
    …AND YOUR NUMBER!!!!!! lol

  18. ienjoymodels says:

    les twins are mad sick.

  19. tinorock1 says:

    Quickstyle or die !!!!!! ^_^

  20. MoosTism says:

    LES TWINS !!!!!!!!

  21. JuicyChina says:


  22. RealSlowAHolikz says:


  23. banonaful says:

    please help me ;) it would be very nice of you if you could maybe like my video, because if i get the most likes i can win a trip to new york; and if you look at this vid you will also have something to laugh :D thank you for your support =)

  24. jajasten says:

    i love all o them, but gotta give it to ELLEN KIM

    my 2nd is QUICK love them

  25. iLLPiNOY says:

    Straight up between Ellen, Quick, & Les!

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