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Chuck D Explains Why Hip Hop Embraces Haters

January 5th, 2015 | By

The Public Enemy emcee also says Jam Master Jay tried to stop him from lynching a Klansman on tour.

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The Cannibal – Holy **** (NEW UNDERGROUND HIPHOP 2011)

February 23rd, 2011 | By

DOWNLOAD LINK: All the credit for the beat goes to GallonsProductions Not a serious song at all, wrote it in about an hour, and decided to record it and make a quick video for it. I’ll be uploading alot more eventually, so if you like it, please subscribe and show support! LYRICS: (Verse 1) A neat little freak, an aura of mystique I’m seeking an oral technique so unique I’ll squeeze out a treat, speak over a beat I will find your fuckin strengt, tweak it and defeat But for now, I’m giving you a fuckin sneak peak (look!) I’m nuts, a freak, crawl back up in my **** cheek (au!) For this generation, I’m an indicator There’s never been a greater, I’m here to win the haters Skin the traitors, squash them like tomatoes (splat!) It’s time to flush them, yeah, let’s fade those Remember way back? Back when the creators Of east and westcoast, still was spitting fire 2Pac & Biggie, no one’s sitting higher But it’s time to welcome another lill’ messiah (hi!) I’ll never retire, no I’ll never call it quits You’re allowed to say it now, holy ****! (Verse 2) **** it, yeah, I respect that term That’s also what I say when life ejects ***** (splash!) When it injects like a worm, like a virus When I’d rather listen to fuckin Miley Cyrus Times when I’m barely staying concious When I can watch as the betraying lancuhes When everything is played out noxious And the deepest **** couldn’t stay out of boxers Advice, never make me start a fight (no!) There’s so many

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